24 Hour Trailer Towing & Repair in Frederick, MD and Surrounding Areas

derektrailerDerek’s Towing & Recovery, serving Frederick, MD and surrounding Montgomery County, Howard County, Carroll County, and Loudon County VA, provides quality car towing services and repair services. We are proud our reputation for delivering quality trailer towing & repair service each and every job. Derek’s Towing & Recovery offers 24 hour emergency Trailer Repair Service based in Frederick MD

We service Horse Trailers, Boat Trailers, Landscape Trailers, Auto Transport – Car Haulers, RV’s, campers, and various other trailers. We keep Various Trailer bearings, bearing hubs, trailer brakes, trailer wiring, and trailer tires in our inventory so we are always ready to go when you need for all of your trailer service needs. We routinely travel 40 miles just to service a trailer.

If you get stuck while pulling a trailer don’t panic, just call Derek’s Towing. We will quickly send one of our wreckers to winch you out. If you break down while towing a trailer we can tow the whole rig! Just tell us where you would like to go

Your roadside safety is our top priority. If you are looking for affordable and trusted trailer towing or repair services, give us a call now. We offer 24 hour emergency trailer repair and roadside assistance near me!

Don’t forget to get your trailer ready for the season. Call us to schedule an appointment to bring your trailer to our facility to give it a good once over to help ensure that your fun day doesn’t get ruined by a trailer breakdown. We can inspect your trailer to ensure you won’t need to have your spare tire changed, replace trailer tire, trailer brakes replaced, trailer bearing replacement, repack trailer bearings, trailer axle and spindle repair, trailer suspension repair, trailer lighting, trailer wiring, trailer electrical diagnostics, trailer battery replacement, trailer jack repair, trailer towing and more. Let our experienced trailer technicians keep you on the road